International 100% Renewable Energy Conference





Sustainable transportation is viewed as one of the key components in building sustainable cities. On the other hand, the economic, environmental and societal effects of transport are described as serious issues that can threaten the sustainability of cities. This article provides an elucidative review of the relationship between transportation (precisely road transportation) and sustainability. Firstly, the article provides a brief review about the conventional energy systems which are the main causes of unsustainability. Secondly, the paper gives a review about the situation of transportation today, transportation and energy, the effects of transportation, sustainable transportation and its implication and the options of renewables in transportation. The report further seeks to describe the challenges that need to be tackled in order to achieve a sustainable transport network in three different cities (Abuja, Kumasi & Erbil). This is accomplished by recognizing the current system and developments in urbanization and motorization in each individual city and their effects on the environment as well as mobility. In conclusion, the report discusses initiatives or routes that each city government can take to help tackle sustainability problems relating to transportation



holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Modibbo Adama University, Yola (Nigeria) in 2014 and an MSc (2018) in Energy Systems Engineering from Cyprus University International. He is a PhD student at the International University of Cyprus, where he works as a research assistant too. His key knowledge and fields of research are related to renewable energy systems, heat transfer, refrigeration and multi-generation energy systems.