International 100% Renewable Energy Conference


Tasks and Responsibilities of Individuals, Decision Makers, Universities, Cooperatives and Municipalities for Community Power Based Transition to Global 100% Renewable Energy

Transition of communities, islands, countries and regions to 100% Renewable Energy (RE) can be realized only by the local, national and regional governments which are on the solution side.

The green solution in the energy field is the achievement of 100% renewable energy target by the integration of the energy end-use efficiency, smart grids and storage of the renewable energy using the best available technologies

Energy-Economy-Ecology decision making models and Internalization of Externalities are required to plan the future energy systems with the technologies of the future and to eliminate the dislocation of obsolete technologies from one market to another in our global living space.

Renewable Energy Association of Türkiye (EUROSOLAR Türkiye), once again brings you the annual International 100% Renewable Energy Conference (IRENEC 2024). As per the vision of the Association, IRENEC conferences provide an international platform for the sharing of knowledge and ideas regarding the technical, economic, and political aspects of the transition to 100% Renewable Energy and for building the networks to realize this vision through industry, architecture, transportation, local communities and training.

We are looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you at IRENEC 2024


After the evaluation of the paper abstracts that are sent to IRENEC 2024 by our scientific committee, the results will be informed to the authors. The authors whose abstracts are accepted proceed with the registration procedure and the payment of the stated amount.

Authors who complete the registration process send the full papers before the deadline. The full paper is evaluated and reviewed by the jury and is accepted after the required revisions are made. Full papers that are found suitable will be published in the proceedings book.