International 100% Renewable Energy Conference



  • Small-scale biomass combustion power generation
  • Biomass for power and heat generation in large scale applications
  • Biomass gasification power generation and applications
  • Production and applications of biomass molding fuels (solid biofuels: pellets/briquettes)
  • Bioenergy resources and potentials
  • Production supply and logistics of biomass from forestry and agricultural residues
  • Household biogas production and comprehensive utilization
  • Bioelectricity production
  • Biofuels in future transportation systems
  • Environmental sustainability of biomass and bioenergy.
  • Socio-economic assessment of biomass and bioenergy;
  • Integration of bioenergy with other renewable energy sources
  • Other issues related to Biomass and Technologies
  • Bioenergy national policies and strategies for international cooperation
  • Bioenergy and biofuel markets and international trade
  • Other issues related to Biomass and Technologies

Clean Transportation Technologies & Strategies

  • Renewable Energy in Transport Sector
  • Transport Electrification and Integration of Renewable Energy
  • Solar Powered Vehicles
  • Hydrogen Vehicles
  • Policy, Planning and Economics
  • Energy Efficiency in Transportation
  • Transportation Applications
  • Sustainable Transports Based on Renewable Energy

Economic, Environmental & Policy Issues for Energy

  • Energy Economics, Incentives
  • Renewable Energy Commercialization
  • Energy Policies, Decision Support Models
  • Legal Framework
  • Barriers to Renewable Energy Integration
  • Climate Change Effects, Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Carbon Management and Finance
  • Renewable Solutions to Global Warming
  • Air Pollution and Energy Security
  • Internalisation of External Costs and Social Costs

“Energy Efficiency” & “Zero/PLus Energy” Concept in Architecture

  • Sustainable Architecture and Design
  • Passive Design
  • Energy Plus Buildings
  • Green Buildings/ Net Zero Energy Buildings
  • Solar Architecture and Building Integration
  • Daylighting
  • Rational Use of Energy in Buildings
  • Advanced HVAC
  • Building Material and Components
  • Smart City

Energy Transition

  • European Experience
  • Global Experience
  • Local Experience


  • Power Generation
  • Geothermal Field
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Geo-Heat
  • Environmental Aspects
  • Other issues related to Geothermal and Technologies

Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

  • Hydrogen Energy Systems
  • Hydrogen Production
  • Hydrogen Supply and Storage
  • Hydrogen End-Use Technology
  • Hydrogen vehicles
  • Materials for hydrogen systems
  • International perspectives on hydrogen
  • Government policies on hydrogen
  • Fuel Cells
  • Fuel Cell for Transportation
  • Fuel Cell Power Plants

Local or Global Level Actions in Shifting to 100%

  • Energy Education and Training
  • Renewable Energies and Society
  • Capacity Building at All Levels
  • Renewable Energy Resource Assessment

Ocean Energy

  • Wave Energy
  • Off-Shore Wind Energy
  • Ocean Marine Biomass
  • Deep Sea Water Application
  • Ocean Resources for Energy


  • PV Cells, Materials and Components
  • Advanced Materials and Concepts
  • Crystal Silicon Solar Cells and Modules
  • Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells and Modules
  • Design, Operation and Performance of PV Systems
  • PV Systems and Grid Integration
  • Concentrating PV
  • Outdoor performance
  • Failure analysis
  • Lifetime testing
  • Other issues related to PV fundamentals and technologies

Shifting to 100% Renewables in Sectors

  • National Renewable Energy Action Plans
  • Rural Energy Supply
  • Residential Energy Supply
  • Industrial Energy Supply
  • Transportation Energy Supply

Solar Energy

  • Solar Collectors
  • Solar and Heat Pump Systems
  • Solar Domestic Hot Water and Combisystems
  • Solar Cooling and Air Conditioning
  • Solar Heat for Industrial and Commercial Systems
  • Solar District Heating and Cooling
  • Solar Cooker
  • Solar Distillation and Solar Thermal Desalination

Wind Energy

  • Policies
  • Site Assessments and Forecasting
  • Offshore Wind Power
  • Wind Turbine Technology
  • Plant Design and Management
  • Grid Connection and Electrical Systems
  • Small to Medium Wind Turbines
  • Large wind turbine and wind farms implementation
  • Social and Environmental Issues
  • Wind Power Aeroacoustics
  • Energy Mix
  • Innovative Storage Technologies, Load Balancing and Methodologies for 100% Renewable
  • Wind technology in harmony with the environment and aviation
  • Local Manufacturing of Wind Turbines and Parts