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Hourly Optimization Of Electricity Generation In City Scale



The demand figures for electrical energy consistently increase, and this causes stress on local/national agencies to answer it as economically as possible. Somehow, various technologies exist in the energy supply side, and almost all of them are competent in the market today.

This work presents a 16-year electrical energy scenario developed with the Answer-TIMES model generator for Uşak, a small province in the Internal Aegean Region of Turkey. A “business-as-usual what-if scenario” is built to evaluate the self-sustainability of the city through electrical energy generation if energy importation policy is discarded and changed with energy generation. The electrical energy demands of residential, industrial, service, and other sectors are fed to the model as a single energy demand unit in PJ to obtain the “hourly optimum electrical energy production” with the least possible cost. In particular, the study underscores the importance of hourly optimization in achieving the local supply targets as well as underlining the environmental aspects of building a self-sustainable energy generation infrastructure in Uşak. The work provides valuable information to local and national decision-makers by estimating the cost of upgrading the energy structure generation system of Uşak annually to a self-sustainable energy grid in exchange for the amount of emission to be caused. As a result, annual investments on a combination of various power plants is shown by the Times generator to give the optimum cost figures according to the scenario.



Utku Köker – born in Sinop, Turkey in 1978. Graduated from 9 Eylul University, BSc in Industrial Engineering, 2000, İzmir Turkey; 9 Eylül University, Msc in Industrial Engineering, respectively; Anadolu University, BSc in International Relations, 2015, Eskişehir Turkey, still studying as a PhD candidate in Süleyman Demirel University, in Industrial Engineering.

He is working in Provincial Disaster and Emergency Agency in Uşak as an industrial engineer since 2010. He is currently studying on his PhD thesis titled “Regional Energy Modelling and Optimization of Alternative Solution Approaches”