International 100% Renewable Energy Conference




Countries are working to define and track pathways decreasing CO2 emissions since the Kyoto Protocol has been signed on 1992. Paris Agreement in 2015 fortified the renewable energy strongly; and as a result US and Europe had to step ahead in renewable energy roadmaps. In the renewable energy transition process, cost of annually generated energy has a great importance. On the other hand, as a small representative of a country, cities have more than one energy generation plant. Various fuel-based plants and energy generation technologies (from renewables to fossil fuelled plants) make the calculation of unit cost of energy generation more complex.

Manisa is an important city in Aegean Region of Turkey, rich in energy generation technologies from renewable to lignite plants presents with a wide opportunity for assessment of energy production costs. However, alternative energy cost calculation methods exist in the literature such as ESA and LCOE, with different limitations and assumptions. In this study, a code on MATLAB environment is prepared to simulate the Manisa electricity generation grid to determine the amount of electricity production for each power plant. The outputs of the simulation are used in cost calculation process on the MS Excel sheets using a modified version of LCOE methodology for the base year 2016.

The same simulation has been applied on EnergyPLAN environment as an additional study to verify the results of the MATLAB code and provide a basis for discussion on the amount of energy and respective equivalent CO2 emissions by these two platforms.



Utku Köker – born in Sinop, Turkey in 1978. Graduated from 9 Eylul University, BSc in Industrial Engineering, 2000, İzmir Turkey; 9 Eylül University, Msc in Industrial Engineering, respectively; Anadolu University, BSc in International Relations, 2015, Eskişehir Turkey, still studying as a PhD candidate in Süleyman Demirel University, in Industrial Engineering.

He is working in Provincial Disaster and Emergency Agency in Uşak as an industrial engineer since 2010. He is currently studying on his PhD thesis titled “Regional Energy Modelling and Optimization of Alternative Solution Approaches”