International 100% Renewable Energy Conference


Professor International Academy of Architecture, Past UIA Vice President, Senior Architect of the FINTIKAKI ARCHITECTS PC


Professor International Academy of Architecture, Past UIA Vice President, Senior Architect of the FINTIKAKI ARCHITECTS PC

Wind and Solar Streets-the role of Architects towards zero emissions and climatic restoration-UIA at COP28



The philosophy of Architecture aims fundamentally at creation and at the same time the protection of the built and natural environment
During last decades the catastrophic Climate Change mandates the protection of Humanity ,of the built and natural environment and the Architectural Heritage from the overheating ,and the fossil fuel pollution through an Environmental and Ecological BIOCLIMATIC ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN for the well being of all Humans,Cities and Local Societies ,and for the reestablishment of the lost SOCIAL COHESION through an URBAN ARCHITECTURAL REGENERATION
This at thé same time serves the formation of a just society as stated in the Plato’s allegory of the cave

The UIA was present and active at the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) in Dubai on 30 November to 12 December 2023. The UIA participated with a specific message from its President Prof Regina Gonthier and has invited the following 5 architects from around the world to discuss the architect’s role in global transformative climate action -1.Andre Jaque Dean of Columbia University, 2.Bruno Stagno FAIA Costa Rica ,3 Prof Christian Benimana African Design Center Rwanda 4.Prof Ken Yeang Malaysia 5.Prof Nikos Fintikakis Greece, International Academy of Architecture

UIA delegation was led by UIA Past President Gaetan Siew


Profile and main Activities

Senior Architect of the firm FINTIKAKI-ARCHITECTS P.C -IAA website

Design, Research, and Consultancy of projects with emphasis in Sustainable, Environmental and Ecological Architecture. Cultural and Tourist infrastructure development plans (museums, Congress rooms, Restoration – Refurbishment of Traditional Buildings, Monuments, Sport and Leisure facilities), Regional planning and Urban /town planning projects, Design and Consultancy on Restoration, Refurbishment and Protection of Archaeological sites.

Nikos Fintikakis has been awarded several prizes in Greek and International Architectural Competitions as well as research projects of the EU.

He is the Designer of several EU awarded projects such as “ASPIRE” (Archaeological Sites Protection Implementing Renewable Energy – Akrotiri Bioclimatic Shelter), the Unification of Athens Archaeological Sites, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, the West Athens Bioclimatic Master Plan, Canoe-Slalom (Medal from IOC), the University of West Indies in Trinidad and many other projects.

He has participated in many Architectural Exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He has also given lectures to Research Centres, Universities and International Scientific Fora. His work in the field of research is related to Bioclimatic Architecture, Archaeology, Town Planning, Renewable Energy Sources etc.

He has numerous publications in Greek and International Architectural magazines and press.

He is coordinating many Greek and European Projects.

He has participated, as member of jury, in many National and International Architectural Competitions.