International 100% Renewable Energy Conference



Designing Onshore Wind Farm For Marmara University Following The Global Experience



According to increase of population, energy demand around the world, and environmental damage of fossil fuels, clean and sustainable sources such as wind, solar, thermal, hydro..etc. aroused interest in the World. Especially last decades, discovering a reliable source is a big concern for the community due to the previous reasons.

Renewable energy is a hopeful choice for electricity generation particularly wind energy systems which is called clean energy sources. Fossil fuel reserves such as oil, natural gas, and coal are depleting and have lots of disadvantages for environment. In this point of view, cheap electricity from renewable energy is a great solution.

Wind turbines may be installed on Başıbüyük Campus of Marmara University to produce clean energy. In consideration of commonly used wind power programs, wind turbines energy production for the Campus need can calculate. One of the software is Windsim. Windsim needs climate data for the selected area. Wind data collected from Merra Dataset to reach the results. According to the Windsim software results the Campus is suitable for producing wind energy to ensure Campus need. Desired wind farm includes 3 wind turbines whose total rated power is 6 MW. As a result, 17,4 GWh/year can be generated from the wind farm for university need. The total consumption in GWh is 17,2 for a year for the campus according to electricity bills.



Gizem ERSOY –Bachelor degree, Electrical and Electronics engineering, Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon, Turkey, 2012. She has been doing her MSc in Marmara University Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. In her MSc, she has focused on renewable energy sources, especially wind energy.