International 100% Renewable Energy Conference






With parallel to industrial developments, for sustainability of modern life and duration of manufacturing activities, constancy of reliable energy is very important. This means, supplying of energy at required amount on demand. Thermal power plants and renewable energy sources, cannot respond fast and reliable to the fluctuating demand during the day. Because of this energy storage, is a necessary subject to focus on for countries.

Pumped storage systems, which are the hydroelectric system that stores high amount of energy, are an important part of the reliable energy supply.

This presantation aims to introduce Pump Storage Systems and determine the need to pump storage systems. Additionally, advantages of pump storage systems, the situation of pump storage systems in the world and in Turkey are given. Finally, for construction of pump storage systems in Turkey, the importance of incentives and legislations are discussed.



He was born in Ankara in 1956. He graduated from ADMMA, Department of Electrical Engineering in 1976 and ATİA, Business Management M. Sc. In 1976.

He worked as a Supervising Engineer in SSK Construction Works Department Head between 1976-1979.

He did military service as Supervising Engineer in Construction Department between 1979 – 1980.

He worked as a Field Engineer in TEK Aliağa Combined Cycle Power Plant Site, in DSİ Çatören Dam and Facilities Construction and as a Electrical Works Coordinator within Aydıner Construction Co. Inc. between 1980-1991.

He has been working as a General Manager of AYEN ENERGY Co. Inc. from 1991. So far, many Hydroelectric Power Plants, Wind Power Plants and Natural Gas Power Plant have been completed  and put them into operation.

Also, he serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of HESIAD (Hydroelectric Plants Industry Businessmen Association), Member of the Board of Directors of TESAB (Association of Turkish Electricity Industry), Member of the Energy Commission of TUSIAD (Turkish Industry and Business Association).