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Istanbul, Beylerbeyi ‘Ecological Building Reconstruction’ application


Today, it has been understood that construction is also important in the emergence of environmental problems. We live and see it all together. The acquisition, selection, use of building materials contribute positively or negatively to the environment until the end of the life of the building.

As ecological features increase in buildings, environmental damage decreases; This leads architects and designers to seek solutions to be more selective. Employers make more informed choices and demand ecological projects. The environmental damage of the ecological structures is much less, it also provides great benefits economically and offers us a healthier life.

The “Preserving Cultural Property to be Protected” is located in Beylerbeyi, a small district in Istanbul, Bosphorus.We estimate that it was built in the first quarter of the 1900s.

Although the building does not have a specific plan type and architectural feature, it was built in accordance with the parcel and built according to the needs of that period. It is a detached residence in a typical garden.

The original of the building was built on a stone floor with a mixed construction technique, which is made of traditional building materials, with mortar, which is used as a filling between wooden carcasses, masonry bricks and main bearing walls. Due to the wear and tear of time, it has completed its life as static and sanitary, and since it is not used, there is no life and property safety.

Today, the building under construction according to the reconstruction project is made as reinforced concrete, ground and 1st floor wooden frame and masonry due to the earthquake specifications. The total area of ​​the building, which is about 57 m2 per floor, is 171 m2.

Due to the fact that the building is an old work, it is necessary to stick to the original. Our aim is to provide contemporary architectural and interior architectural solutions, to make an ecological and self-sufficient home.

For this reason, in practice, it is essential to use materials that are produced by prioritizing the structure, energy efficiency and environmental sensitivity, and the selection and use of domestic wood materials. We work with the aim of an ecological and sustainable structure and we are trying to fulfill our duty for a better world.



Graduated from Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Architecture, Department of Interior Architecture in 1994.

Since 1998, he has been serving as deputy chairman and manager / interior architect and Podima Project Application Consultancy at Yenilem A.Ş. He designs and implements works in different disciplines such as architectural projects, antiquity restoration applications, interior design, museum, exhibition and fair organizations.

Among his social duties,

T.M.M.O.B. Membership of the Chamber of Interior Architects

Professional Courts of Civil Courts of First Instance,

TAÇ FOUNDATION Honorary Membership,

TÜRSAB, Member of Tourism Committee,

Kadıköy Municipality City Council, Zoning Commission Member, (2007-2010)

Membership of Topkapı Palace Lovers Association,

He is a member of AYDER (Alternative Life Association – Dreams Academy) and related activities of these institutions.