International 100% Renewable Energy Conference



Photovoltaic System Integration in residential buildings


Recent technological developments in photovoltaic system components and the improvement in price/perfromance ratio has enabled the use of these systems in wider applications. Generation of energy right there where it is consumed has many advantages in terms of efficiency and care for environment. In this presentation the preparation of a house to make use of solar energy will be discussed.



He was born in 1975 in Istanbul. In 2000, he graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich with masters degree. Between 2000-2009 he worked  as development engineer in various departments , starting from Testing, Design, Quality and Product Developlment. Between 2009 – 2012 he worked as product manager in High Voltage IGBT department of ABB Semiconductors. In 2012 he founded his own engineering company Minerji Renewable Energy Systems Ltd. in Turkey. Since then he is working as Co-founder and delivering turn-key solutions for energy generation with Solar Energy.