International 100% Renewable Energy Conference



Analysis of Wind Power Installation on a University Campus via Windsim



As well as the negative effects of climate change being felt throughout the world, increasing global energy demand and variable costs force people to find clean, sustainable and low-cost energy alternatives. Renewable energy, which is the energy obtained from the energy flow that exists in the continuous natural processes, stands out because it is sustainable, it provides locality, and it is economical and environmentally friendly. In recent years, solar and wind energy has come to the fore with a serious decrease in energy production costs and installation, and the share of production has increased worldwide. Technologies that generate electricity from renewable energy are preferred not merely because of their low cost, but also because of their contribution to combating climate change and sustainable development goals. In this context; The purpose of this study is to examine the wind power plant installation by calculating the location of Wind Turbines through windsim, which will meet the electricity demand of a university campus in Istanbul, which uses wind energy as a source. The location of the wind turbines that can be installed in the National Defense University Naval Academy was calculated through the windsim program according to the seven-month wind intensity and direction obtained from the Kartal Meteorology Regional Directorate. As a result, it was evaluated that the proposed system could provide additional income by meeting more than the amount required by the installation of two wind turbines, and would be an economical and environmentally friendly application for the Naval Academy campus by reducing the total greenhouse gas emission.



Alperen Sari – holds BSc from Turkish Naval Academy (2009)  and MSc (2019) from National Defence University Barbaros Naval Science and Engineering Institute in Mechanical Engineering, respectively. He is a PhD student at Marmara University, focusing the ship energy system analysis and modelling.