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The Affecting Factors of PV Efficiency and Applying FMEA Method


Solar panels have rapidly become a vital part of the electric capacity worldwide. Determine the risks is the most important stage of the PV panels’ operation management. This study can offer be spoke risk analysis evaluation cover for both the construction and operational phase of the solar project for some of people who are as an installer, investor, funder or project manager in PV project. The risk analysis evaluation for the solar panel installation in operation is also vital. The definition of reliability for PV modules can be done in many different ways. That is asked the PV module’s power which it is 30% more power for 30 years to avoid degradation of environmental conditions. The environmental conditions is All conditions that may face environmental conditions of the PV module during the specified period. Several error solutions can be faced with PV plants such as PV panels are modified or removed from the area where it is located because of Performance of PV modules due to a decrease in the rate which includes any error before the end of the warranty period.  If such type of errors are occured these errors are named serious errors. In other words, the current reliability of errors is returns errors for all warranty. On the other hand, if despite the performance degradation of PV modules still meets warranty requirements then such losses can be classified as small losses or impairment losses. Therefore,in this study is tailored the risk analysis evaluation to meet the specific needs of the installation or operation of PV panels. There are several methods of risk analysis. Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) is used to define the risk parameters in the system without causing any accidents. Originality of this study wouldn’t be wrong to say that premise will allow you to detect the accidents formerly different from the other risk analysis methods. Risk management with the FMEA method was prepared for a solar PV panel in this study. The main contribution of this paper is to produce clear list of risks related to PV panels. From the weights evaluation results, we derived four major conclusions regarding the importance of PV operations, the technological risk parameters in the global PV market, the human factors with disagreement between the operator know how and the investor knowledge, and the application of the environmental parameters.



Istanbul Technical University, Physics Engineering, Faculty of Science (2008- until now) and Letters and Maritime Faculty (1996- until now),

Study areas: Solar Energy Applications and Calculations, Sea Pollution by Ships, C Sharp Programming Language.