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In the last few years clean Solar Power and Wind Power have become mainstream in the world’s electricity markets. They attracted hundreds of billions of Dollars of new investment. By the end of this year a total 300 GW of Solar Photovoltaics and 500 GW of Wind Power will have been installed and are operating worldwide. China and the USA are currently world market leaders for both technologies. Turkey is for the moment still left behind in the global race for a more sustainable energy system. As PV and Wind Power are intermittent electricity providers other sources most come in to guarantee a continuous supply for the consumers. At present this role is still played by the conventional fossil and nuclear energies, but in a 100% RE supply scenarios Biomass must be, next to decentralized Hydro Power, the essential link for a permanent and secure energy supply in all sectors of Power, Heating, and Transport. By 2050, Biomass is projected to supply 30% of global needs in a 100% supply scenario.



Dr Palz was in charge from 1977 up to 1997 of RE development at the EU Commission, Brussels. With its own R&D budget the Commission pioneered in these early years the development of PV, Wind Power, Biomass in Europe and their up take in national frameworks such as the Feed in Tariffs in Germany.
Dr. Palz is author of the book “Solar Electricity” published by UNESCO in Paris 1977
Dr. Palz is editor or co-editor of the books “Solar Power for the World”, “Wind Power for the World”, and “Biomass Power for the World” published 2014 and 2015 by CRC in UK.