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The Legislative View of the Renewable Energy Sources Problems in TRNC


The damage caused by fossil fuels, the increasing costs and the depletion process are increasing nowadays. The use of renewable energy sources is in the whole world and is attracting interest in the TRNC. TRNC is the leader of the Mediterranean Region with Spain in terms of the duration of sunlight utilization and solar radiation; these investments are increasing day by day, both individually and commercially. In this framework, the Law No. 47/2011 on Renewable Energy Sources adopted by the TRNC Parliament and the dissemination of the use of renewable energy sources for electricity production or heating aims to provide a reliable, economic and quality economy, increase resource diversity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The development of the manufacturing sector needed to achieve these objectives, the support of sustainable energy production, the reduction of energy imports and the provision of supply security. The law, which entered into force in 2011, has not yet achieved the full implementation of the law. Although the Regulations providing for the enforcement of the Law are updated twice, the Law No 47/2011 on Renewable Energy Sources does not comply with other laws related to energy resources, preventing the effective use of the Law.

With this study, the Renewable Energy Sources Law and the prepared Regulations will be evaluated. In the Renewable Energy, comparative studies will be shared with the practices of the leading countries. Positive and negative points will be determined and how the relevant legislation will be effective for the dissemination of Renewable Energy applications.



Yrd. Doç. Dr. Şölen Külahçı, Doktorasını Ankara Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Özel Hukuk Anabili Dalı’nda tamamladı. Halen, KKTC Lefkoşa’da bulunan UKÜ Hukuk Fakültesi, Medeni Hukuk Ana Bilim Dalı Öğretim Üyesi olarak görev yapmaktadır.