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Ürün Sorumlusu - Güneş Enerjisi Camları ve Buzlu Camlar
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Ürün Sorumlusu - Güneş Enerjisi Camları ve Buzlu Camlar

Güneş Panelleri ve Güneş Kolektörlerinde Kullanılan Camın Niteliği ve Önemi


The top layer of photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors is made of glass.
Solar Glass protects the internal parts of solar energy systems from environmental effects. Also, its high heat and light transmittance value directly affects the efficiency of solar energy systems.
Glass, with these characteristics is one of the most important components in the module production.
Şişecam Flat Glass, since 2003, has been producing and supplying high transparency and low iron solar glass to leading solar thermal collector and photovoltaic panel producers in the world.
Şişecam Flat Glass also introduces a new product to the industry as a result of intense R&D efforts: Solar Glass with Anti-Reflective Coating.
The new product reflects only a very low percentage of sunrays hitting the solar panel, ensuring maximum penetration into the module thus increasing the performance of solar panels.

Biographical Sketch

Serhat Çokberkit graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Economics and has a graduate degree on Executive MBA. He has been working for Şişecam since 2001 and he is Responsible for Solar Glass and Patterned Glass in Marketing Group of Şişecam Flat Glass.