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Mali Hizmetler Müdürü, T.C. Merzifon Belediyesi
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Mali Hizmetler Müdürü, T.C. Merzifon Belediyesi

Bir Kamu Kurumu için Sürdürülebilirlik Raporu Yazmanın Zorlukları: Merzifon Belediyesi Örneği



This study examines the challenges encountered in writing a sustainability report for municipalities which have the duty to establish sustainability goals and devise strategies to attain these objectives, considering environmental, social, and economic aspects. Nevertheless, numerous substantial obstacles are encountered throughout this procedure.

Firstly, the procedure of gathering and examining data is exceedingly intricate. Municipalities must analyze comprehensive datasets from various sources, including financial data, suppliers, human resources and employees, energy consumption, waste management and water usage, which must be interpreted accurately.

Secondly, how municipality top management handles the global sustainability goals and biodiversity related protocols and issues and interpretation of international, national and local laws and regulations.

Thirdly, sustainability reports often need to balance the interests of different stakeholders. Municipalities must manage different expectations among local communities, businesses, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders. This complexity makes it challenging to determine the scope of the report and communicate accurate information effectively.

Lastly, limited financial resources pose a challenge. Sustainability projects are often costly, and municipalities may struggle to allocate sufficient funds for these projects.

In conclusion, writing a sustainability report for a municipality involves navigating through complex data, balancing stakeholder interests, ensuring regular updates, and managing limited financial resources. Effectively addressing these difficulties is of utmost importance for municipalities to showcase their dedication to sustainability and attain significant advancements in their sustainability endeavors.