Uluslararası %100 Yenilenebilir Enerji Konferansı


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The Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform is an initiative of 20 of the leading NGOs world-wide that actively support a full transition to renewable energy – at city, regional and national level. Where a few short years ago the idea of achieving 100% renewable energy was a surreal concept, today more than 300 cities worldwide have committed themselves to this goal, and work has begun in earnest on achieving these targets as quickly, efficiently and smoothly as possible. The Platform coordinates the work of its members in support of these actions. The presentation presents a clear philosophy that covers target setting, supportive actions, technologies, and strategic issues based on lessons learned.


Rian van Staden is a former Executive Director of the International Solar Energy Society and has served as consultant to the renewable energy sector for more than 20 years, with clients on local, national and
international level, covering everything from investment and financing, policy, technology, advocacy and development. He joined the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform as Platform Coordinator in 2018.