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Exergy and Performance Analysis of a C.I Engine Fueled with HCNG Gaseous Fuel Enriched Biodiesel


In this experimental study, reduction of diesel fuel dependency is intended with more environmentally friendly and economical methods. For his purpose, soybean oil methyl ester (SOME) is produced and blended with standard diesel fuel at 25 % volumetric ratio. Beside, pure hydrogen (H2) and compressed natural gas (CNG) mixture named HCNG fuel is used with 10 liter per minute (L/min) volumetric flow rates. The amount of liquid fuel injected into the cylinders is reduced by 30 % via fuel pump plunger pin without structural changes on the diesel engine. Instead of the reduced liquid fuel, 20 % Hydrogen with 80 % CNG gaseous fuel mixture (by volumes) are supplied by using mixing chamber before intake manifold of the test engine. Simple graphs and terms are included in order to avoid the difficulties on fuel mixtures definitions. Brake power, brake torque and brake specific fuel consumption and also thermal efficiencies are presented under performance outputs subsection. Results were compared and discussed with graphs. Additionally, exergy analysis of control volume has been calculated. Using HCNG fuel enriched biodiesel effects on performance and energy efficiency are examined. Therefore comparison between neat diesel operation and alternative fuel usage is evaluated.



Raif KENANOĞLU is working at Iskenderun Technical University as a Research Assistant. He completed Mechanical Engineering education at University of Gaziantep in 2013 and MSc education at Iskenderun Technical University in 2016. He continues Ph.D. education in Mechanical Engineering department now. Renewable energy sources, alternative fuels and internal combustion engines are main areas of interest in his studies.