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Environmental Effects of the Using Diesohol & Hydrogen in C.I Engine


In recent years, the whole world has begun to understand much more the importance of using alternative fuels. The alternative fuels that are produced from renewable energy source called as green energy. These green energy sources have positive contribution potential to solve current important global problems which are global warming, ozone layer etc. There are wide variety type of alternative fuels, biodiesel, bioalcohol (bioethanol, biomethanol), biomass, hydrogen and natural gas. In this study, diesohol fuel enriched with hydrogen was used in a compression ignition engine. Diesohol consists of 15% ethanol and 85% diesel fuel blend. The simulations were conducted by AVL BOOST program. The effects of hydrogen enriched diesohol fuel on engine emissions were investigated in detail. It is observed that the thermal efficiency was increased with diesohol usage. The results showed that using of this fuel blend was provided significant improvements of exhaust emissions such as CO, CO2, NOx, smoke and particulate matter. On the other hand all these improvements were obtained without any reduction in performance values dramatically.



Raif KENANOĞLU is working at Iskenderun Technical University as a Research Assistant. He completed Mechanical Engineering education at University of Gaziantep in 2013 and MSc education at Iskenderun Technical University in 2016. He continues Ph.D. education in Mechanical Engineering department now. Renewable energy sources, alternative fuels and internal combustion engines are main areas of interest in his studies.