Uluslararası %100 Yenilenebilir Enerji Konferansı


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100% Is Not Enough



Climate change has progressed so far that it s no longer sufficient to aim at ‘100% Renewables’, or ‘Zero Emissions’. Rather a Regenerative Master Program is needed to convert the considerable finanical and orgonisational resource waste book into essential strategies to build a world thriving in abundant and ubiquitous energy for all, based only on sunshine, wind, and water, powering and empowering our cities and communities from within. This is a minimum requirement to enable all other mesaures in production, agriculture and food industries to be effective.This is possible at little or no resource cost, builds local prosperity and strengthens security and social cohesion: a world in which energy is just no issue—and the source of everyone’s wealth at the same time.



Peter Droege is an international urban sustainability expert and experienced mind on advanced urban policy, management, transport policy and strategy, urban design, city and regional planning and renewable infrastructure development – and the director of the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development (eurisd.org). He holds a Conjoint Professorship at the University of Newcastle’s School of Architecture and Built Environment and has developed a Chair for Sustainable Spatial Development at the University of Liechtenstein. Peter Droege’s academic career stretches from the School of Architecture and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and his position at the University of Tokyo as Urban Development Engineering Endowed Chair to his position as Lend Lease Chair and Professor of Urban Design at the University of Sydney, to the University of Liechtenstein.