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Advanced Technology for Municipal Solid Waste: Depolymerization and Fermentation Combination for Zero-Waste



Waste and pollution have become a major problem in our world. The greenhouse effect of methane gas in the atmosphere is 26 times that of carbon dioxide emissions.

In the advanced solid waste disposal system, the prevention of hazardous gases that are out of control in the Landfill area is eliminated with direct daily disposal. In addition, the risk of explosion and bad odor in the landfill areas is eliminated too as no need to use large open areas for waste dumps.

The system assist circular economy with the recycled items in sorting plant. After pre-separation, the organic wastes are directed to the fermentation units; inorganic RDF wastes will be dried and then transformed into liquid and gaseous fuels by processing with Depolymerization units.

The fuels in gas and liquid forms out of this progress converted into electrical energy to be burned in generator engines. The final output of the technology is obtained in solid form of Biochar. With these systems, negative environmental impacts are eliminated while economic gain is achieved.

The advanced Low Temperature Depolymerization Technology is a thermochemical system works in absence of oxygen and does not have a chimney which is the source of harmful gas emissions, no solid output ash, no high operating cost for filtration. No pollutants to air and underground water sources that threaten the environment and human health. Low operating temperature prevents the formation of dioxins and furans.

Although the technology and your choice are to convert the daily garbage directly into energy under normal conditions, it is also possible to convert the accumulated garbage into energy with the depolymerization system with some changes on the pre-separation system.

Combination of Depolymerization and Fermentation Technologies for MSW ecological disposal is positioned just below the zero waste process which is the top step in the waste management processes.



Özcan Özgür, General Manager of International Surface Protection company,

Business Administration / Management – Anadolu University 2012

Electrical Engineering / Karadeniz Technical University 2001

Working on Innovative Technologies in Waste to Energy sector