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Exploiting the Potential of Untapped Energy Resources with the Radial Outflow Turbine Technology


Social attention to energy sources and their utilization is nowadays constantly increasing and new solutions are developed to utilize unexploited energy resources as well as to increase resources exploitation.

A new turbine technology has been developed, engineered, manufactured and tested by Exergy, with the aim to exploit the potential of untapped energy resources: the radial outflow turbine technology.

This technology has in fact several unique characteristics which qualify this innovative configuration as advantageous for many relatively low temperature energy recovery applications, as it ideally matches the process conditions typical for these applications.

The purpose of the present article is to introduce the radial outflow turbine technology and present its advantages while efficiently harnessing the potential of a previously unexploited low temperature geothermal resource, located in Turkey.



Matteo Quaia – Strongly passionate and fascinated by renewable and geothermal energy since his universities studies, Matteo is currently feeding his passion working in Exergy – a leading geothermal binary ORC supplier – where he managing the Turkish branch while also studying ORC plants optimization.

Matteo has earned a Master degree in Energy Engineering, at University of Pisa in Italy, in 2011.