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Economic Comparison Of Building Heating With Geothermal Energy And Natural Gas


Increasingly economically increasing countries are rapidly increasing their need for energy. For this reason, countries are exploring ways to benefit more from conventional energy sources while at the same time making more extensive use of renewable energy sources. In this study; The first investment for geothermal energy and natural gas and the annual heating costs for heating this area were calculated for geothermal energy located in Simav district of Kütahya and an apartment with an area of 100 m2 heated by natural gas in Istanbul-Kartal district and the two different energy sources were compared in terms of heating. Accordingly, it has been researched whether it is economical to heat geothermal energy and natural gas in the heating of buildings. In the evaluations made, it was concluded that there was not a significant difference between the average consumption values of the square meters of the two energy classes at the 5% significance level. According to this result, since the geothermal energy is indigenous and renewable and the investment costs are low, providing widespread use in regions where geothermal resources are present will provide positive contributions for both the consumers and the country’s economy.



Undergraduate degree in 2002 Dumlupınar University Industrial Engineering Department, Institute of Master of Science degree in 2005 Dumlupınar University of Science and Technology in the Department of Industrial Engineering Department has completed. In 2011, Institute of Science and Technology Department of Industrial Engineering Department in Sakarya University that began in the doctoral training is still continuing. Dumlupınar University since 2002 has served as a lecturer in Simav Vocational High School. Main research areas are supply chain, optimization, quality and geothermal energy. He is located on geothermal energy who is work to be done medium fluent in English.