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Director PTX Lab Lausitz - Cottbus
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Director PTX Lab Lausitz - Cottbus

Geleceğin Sürdürülebilir Ekonomisinde Power to X’in Rolü



The physicist and systems analyst began his professional career in elementary particle physics and numerical physics. Initial studies on climate change then led to a switch to applied environmental research.

In his work, he particularly links the thematic complexes of resource and energy transition. The focus of his work is the holistic and cross-system search for solutions to the problems of sustainability. As early as the 1990s, he wrote scenarios for 100 percent supply with renewable energies.

Already in his work at the Wuppertal Institute, as head of systems analysis, he linked different sectors with resource demand. Until recently, he has worked on coupled scenarios (see “RESCUE” study by the UBA – Federal Environment Agency).

For more than 40 years he worked in various institutions in the field of energy, resources and the environment – at national and international level in various functions – dealing with politics, administration, associations, science and companies. In addition, he has co-founded or been involved in various companies (e.g. Naturstrom, atmosfair) and organizations (e.g EUROSOLAR, World Resources Forum).

Today he is founding director of the “PtX Lab Lausitz”. A key role will be played by ‘sector coupling’: Crosslinking the electricity sector with other sectors such as industry and transport. ‘Power-to-X’ (PtX) technologies are an important tool for sector coupling: they utilise electricity (‘Power’) to produce hydrogen, which can then be used to make other fuels and basic materials (‘X’). Based in Cottbus, the ‘Think-and-do tank for fuels and basic materials from green hydrogen’ aims to establish a technical basis for the environmentally friendly production and use of PtX products.

Since 1985, he has taught at various universities (e.g. Leuphana Lüneburg).

He is the editor of the “Factor X” book series and co-author of various publications.

(actual book: https://www.routledge.com/Sustainable-Development-and-Resource-Productivity-The NexusApproaches/Lehmann/p/book/9780367429546)