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Distributed Grid Integration of PV Generators and Islanding Protection in Turkey


In this study, the technical infrastructure of the electrical connection of the Photovoltaic (PV)-based distributed generation (DG) systems to the conventional electrical grid from a low voltage level is investigated. The islanding protection and its possible effects to the grid are also presented in the paper. The paper also includes an application study that is realized to define the criteria for the Turkish Grid Code. An experimental study is performed in the laboratory, and a real-time Labview-based islanding detection method is investigated within the scope of the research. The developed system presents a hybrid protection system for integration of PV generators to the grid consisting of under/over-frequency protection, under/over voltage protection and a remote islanding protection system. This structure provides a sustainable operation of the PV system with the current Turkish electrical grid. The threshold values of the grid are defined in the study, and the grid connection criterions are indicated to specify the Turkish Grid Code. The proposed micro grid protection system and the developed islanding detection method provide a reliable grid integration of PV generators, and the obtained results verify this condition.


Gökay Bayrak –was born in Bafra, Turkey in 1981. He received the B.S., and Ph.D. degrees from the Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department Firat University, Turkey, in 2003, and 2013, respectively. He has been working as an Assistant Professor at the Bursa Technical University since 2016. His current research interests include design and analysis of grid connected photovoltaic power generation systems, islanding detection, distributed generation, micro grid, renewable energy, and data acquisition with Labview. He has many articles in qualified Journals. He makes many reviews for SCI Journals, and he is also selected as an outstanding reviewer award in several years by high quality SCI journals. He has worked in PV researches and renewable energy systems for years and has managed several projects about renewable energy systems.