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Lunar Solar Power Systems and Computational Efficiency Analysis of a  Microwave Receiver Center in Turkey


The general purpose of this study is to do a detailed research and design a computer program on lunar solar power systems which makes possible to generate solar energy during 24 / 7 continuously via excessively different and upper technology than the consuetudinary methods with restricted conditions and limited sources on Earth.

In this study, the needed technology of lunar solar power systems is examined, construction steps are discussed and a computational model is designed with Matlab Gui 2011. It is aimed with this model that getting 20 TWe energy on Earth and doing antenna calculations under different conditions and with different possible technologies to decide the best options for a LSP system. The site analysis are done for three city in Turkey as Ankara, Konya and Gaziantep to construct receiver center for microwave power transmission. Konya might be the best option with 900,85 MW net power value on a 3,95 km2 rectenna because of the latitude effect and annual rainfall rate for 5,8 Ghz-1 and 230 W/m2.

With respect to the theoretical and computational results; it is concluded that the Lunar Solar Power System can be a safe and clean alternative to current options to meet Earth’s total energy need for long decades in case of economic and technical problems are solved.



Esra Değirmenci – Master student at Gaziantep University, Mechanical Engineering Department, on Thermodynamic Science. Graduated from Physical Engineering Department of Gaziantep University, in 2012.