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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Turkish Naval Academy
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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Turkish Naval Academy

Evaluating the Energy Management Performance of Turkey by Using a Hybrid Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach



Energy is a major input for national economies. Using energy efficiently gains importance because of the diminishing resources. Therefore, efficiency in energy utilization is a hot topic and the researchers are focusing on alternative fuels and various technology options for conversion, distribution, and end user’s operating environment processes. Energy utilization by more efficient technologies and processes is growing in importance in many countries. While the societies are continuously searching for alternative pathways for the “sustainable economy” idea, the management factor is getting considerably important within each phase of energy related activities. Using energy efficiently requires good management and this is particularly important also for Turkey.

In this paper, the energy management performance of Turkey is analyzed using a combined multi-criteria decision making approach and compared with the performances of a panel of OECD countries. Four major indicators, i.e. GDP per capita, total primary energy consumption and total primary energy production per Dollar of GDP, and total CO2 emissions are considered and further categorized the criteria under three major domains as economic performance (GDP), energy performance (energy consumption&production), and environmental performance (CO2 emissions). Our results show that, Turkey displays a low performance compared to the other countries in analysis scope. The results can be encompassed by in-depth analyses and long-term plans to shift the country’s energy technology selection strategies to more efficient, cost-effective and cleaner options.



EgemenSulukan–was born in Antakya, Turkey in 1976. Graduated from the department of Mechanical Engineering in Turkish Naval Academy (BSc) in 1997, Istanbul, Turkey; and the department ofmechanical engineering in Marmara University, MSc in 2004 and PhD in 2010, respectively.

Worked on marine engineering operation on board, managerial posts and as a lecturer, respectively in the Turkish Coast Guard and Navy. Dr.Sulukan is currently working as a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Department in Turkish Naval Academy.

Dr.Sulukan is specialized on marine propulsion, wave energy and wind turbine technologies, energy technology system analysis and energy modelling esp. by MARKAL model generators. He teaches heat transfer, fluid mechanics and applications, marine propulsion and auxiliary systems, and energy decision support tools.