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Grup Başkanı, Enerji Piyasası Düzenleme Kurumu

Lisanssız Elektrik Üretimi Mevzuatı Değişiklikleri ve Uygulamaları



The principles and conditions of unlicensed power generation have been regulated by the By-Law on Unlicensed Electricity Generation in the Electricity Market (By-Law) which came in effect in October 2, 2013. The legal basis of this regulation is article 14 of the Law No. 6446. The main purpose of this regulation is, among other things, to provide the entrance of the small power plants to the electricity market, provide the electrical energy for consumers and, reduce the loss in electrical energy. There are some new regulations which published in Official Gazette on 23/03/2016. The basic of the speech is legislations on unlicensed generation of electricity, what changed on applications and position of unlicensed generation in Electricity Market.


Biographical Sketch

1986 Graduation

Erciyes University Mechanical Engineering Department

1986 -2002 Electirical Works and Etude Adminstration General Department


2002-2007 EMRA

Elektricity Market Department–Energy Expert

2007-2011 TSO Inc.

Senior Expert

2011 – …. EMRA – Unlicensed Generation and The Other Renewables Group

Head of Group