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Design and Performance Assessment of a Grid-Connected PV System for Residential Power Generation


The residential photovoltaic (PV) power generation systems are the most installed grid-connected PV systems in real applications. Grid-connected PV systems have bidirectional power flow differing from conventional power plants. Thus, the grid connection is a significant design issue for residential applications. In this study, the design parameters for a residential grid-connected PV system are investigated. PV system components are designed for Bursa Technical University MimarSinan Campus environment with Matlab/Simulink. The design criterions a grid-connected PV plant are investigated and it is simulated under different climatical conditions for residential applications. Besides, the partial shading effect on the designed PV system and the performance assessment of the whole system is investigated in the study. The results verify that the proposed system will also make a contribution to the researchers for selecting the proper electrical and climatical criterions by designing a grid-connected PV system for a residential design.



Alper YILMAZ –was born in Osmangazi, Turkey in 1992. He received the B.S. degrees from the Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey, in 2015. He has been working as an Research Assistant at the Bursa Technical University since 2017. His current research interests include design and analysis of grid connected photovoltaic power generation systems, distributed generation, micro grid and renewable energy.