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Ahmet Özer Kaliber

Müdür Yardımcısı, Dr. Nureddin Erk-Perihan Erk Anadolu Turizm ve Teknik Lisesi
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Ahmet Özer Kaliber

Müdür Yardımcısı, Dr. Nureddin Erk-Perihan Erk Anadolu Turizm ve Teknik Lisesi

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Green-works, which are increasing in direct proportion to the use of renewable energy sources, become a sector that uses and develops its own technology and that creates a specific labor market. It becomes clear that national economy and unemployment would be influenced positively by the employment of the green-collar employees to be worked in this field.
In this report, the need for employment arising based on green-work fields and renewable energy sources has been analyzed by making comparison with several countries. Within this context, vocational education of green-collar employees has been examined. Current issues in vocational and technical education as well as the quality of renewable source technology education have been discussed. Moreover, opportunities to proceed with primary-secondary programs and higher education for the student to be studied in this field have been analyzed.
In the conclusion part, suggestions for how to fulfill qualified education needs in utilizing the employment potential especially to be provided by renewable energy technologies have been given.

Biographical Sketch

Ahmet Özer KALIBER graduated from the Department of Electronics and Communication at Marmara University in Turkey. He worked as a specialist in electronic security systems and information technologies before pursuing his career in the public sector. In his current position, he works as a director in a vocational high school where he aided in founding the department of Renewable Energy Technologies and teaches courses in Solar Energy. Additionally, he has been working toward developing joint projects on energy efficiency and clean energy in collaboration with several private companies.

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