International 100% Renewable Energy Conference


Renewable Energy for Equity, Freedom, Peace and Local Employment


Economic, Environmental & Policy Issues for Energy

• Energy Economics, Incentives

• Renewable Energy Commercialization

• Energy Policies, Decision Support Models

• Legal Framework

• Barriers to Renewable Energy Integration

• Climate Change Effects, Mitigation and Adaptation

• Carbon Management and Finance

• Renewable Solutions to Global Warming

• Air Pollution and Energy Security

• Internalisation of External Costs and Social Costs


Renewable Energy System and Technologies

• Renewable Electricity (Solar, Wind, Biomass, Geothermal)

• Industrial Process Heat from Solar Energy

• Solar Heating and Cooling

• Biomass Energy and Related Technologies

• Geothermal Energy Technologies

• Renewable Energy Storage

• Grid Connections, FIT and Support Mechanisms

• Smart Grids and Power Management

• Hydrogen and Fuel Cells


Shifting to 100% Renewables in Sectors

• National Renewable Energy Action Plans

• Rural Energy Supply

• Residential Energy Supply

• Industrial Energy Supply

• Transportation Energy Supply


“Energy Efficiency” and “Zero Energy” Concept

• Sustainable Architecture and Design

• Energy Plus Buildings

• Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes

• Energy Efficiency in Transportation

• Residential Energy Efficiency

• Standardization in Best Available Technologies


Local or Global Level Actions in Shifting to 100%

• Energy Education and Training

• Renewable Energies and Society

• Capacity Building at All Levels

• Renewable Energy Resource Assessment


Energy Transition

• European Experience

• Global Experience

• Local Experience