International 100% Renewable Energy Conference


We have managed to bring together in Istanbul between 28 – 30 May 2015 all stakeholders of the Energy Sector from Turkey and the world who are fighting for 100% renewable energy.

The fossil fuels used during and after the industrial revolution and utilisation of nuclear power plants after 1973 are the main energy problems of the world. Industrialised countries became aware of the threats of using fossil and nuclear energies respectlively in 1990 and 1978. No nuclear power plants have been ordered in the United States since 1978, and more than 100 reactors have been canceled, including all ordered after 1973. The most recent U.S. nuclear unit to be completed was TVA’s Watts Bar 1 reactor, ordered in 1970 and licensed to operate in 1996. Reasons for the 30-year halt in U.S. nuclear plant orders include high capital costs, public concern about reliability of nuclear energy and waste disposal, and regulatory compliance costs.

A future of 100% renewable energy as a primary source for the world’s energy society can no longer be ignored. Fossil fuels from coal, oil and natural gas cause heavy climate changes and the supplies to diminish.

The cost of atomic energy continues to rise; in England the planned Hinkley Point C atomic power station of 3200 MW needs a guaranteed price of 11 Eurocents per kWh for 30 years.

This is 2 times the production price of electricity from the most advanced new wind and solar energy installations. So costs are no longer a valid reason NOT to change our energy systems dramatically. At the same time there is no safe and well documented solution to the storage of radioactive waste from atomic power station. There has been intensive research in all the big industrialized countries for 50 year but without any safe solution.

We know that 100 % renewable energy is possible, it is becoming a reality step by step with 100% renewables region all over the world. Now it is time for connecting these islands and saved regions together and walk together to the target. For reducing the size of the program we have decided that the end use efficiency is a basic step to be taken for each human activity consuming energy.

Bioenergy has an important mission for the solution: energy end use efficiency and 100 % renewable energy. The transition from fossils fuels, expensive and polluting energy systems to clean, cheap and sustainable renewable energy systems is in progress globally and is becoming economically viable everyday. Bioenergy with its municipal, agricultural and forestry waste to energy options is decreasing the size of the energy problem at the same time contributing to the solution. Renewable energy resources are available free of charge and the technology is commercially available for competitive prices, we only need decision makers who are in the solution side. Renewable energy is getting cheaper as used more while fossil fuels are getting expensive as they are used more. We can create a 100% renewable energy world before the middle of this century.

Renewable energy is a job machine as well. According to IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency), the PV setor world wide employs 2,2 million people, liquid bio fuels 1,4 million, wind industry 800.000 and solar thermal half million, just to mention some sectors, with a potential, that is much, much bigger while we develop 100% renewable energy communities.

Like agriculture, renewable energy is by nature decentral while the energy structures based on oil, coal, uranium and gas leads to centralization. Political, industrial, organizational and financial transformation from centralized to decentralized energy forms involves in itself tremendous challenges as the world’s biggest and most influential corporations will have to find a new role in our societies.

The choice of the best solutions requires extensive research, development, testing and demonstration of new solutions, shifting from the use of limited energy resources to the use of renewable energy technology. The wind and the sun set no resource constraints. Utilization is the foundation for new industries and jobs. To ensure a rapid transformation, it is necessary to remove the bureaucratic barriers for the extensive use of decentralized energy which exist in many countries.

Because the dependency on fossil energy makes all nations vulnerable, replacing them is the top security question and more important than new weapon programs.