International 100% Renewable Energy Conference

Conference Resolution

Istanbul, Turkey, June 28, 2014

Declaration on behalf of IRENEC 2014, the Fourth International 100 % Renewable Energy Conference

Solar Energy and all the Renewable Energies have recently become the leading electric power investments in the world. More than 50 % of all new power installations worldwide were made from solar PV, wind turbines, bio-power and others. As a result of mass production renewable sources of electricity have become mainstream. The global perspective of a 100 % electricity supply from the clean Renewable Energies becomes a reality.

The IRENEC 2014 meeting here in Istanbul, Turkey brought together for 3 days some 300 experts, representatives of the government and the energy sector with several invited guests from abroad. The organizer Prof. Dr. Tanay Sıdkı Uyar, the President of Turkish Branch of EUROSOLAR had taken particular care to invite many young participants from Turkish universities and high school teachers.

In its latest report the IPCC has made it clear again that the world is slipping more and more to a human disaster because of climate change. This IRENEC conference is part of an initiative of the world’s solar community to offer their expertise on how to address the climate problem at its root, the world’s dangerous reliance on the polluting conservative energies from fossil and nuclear power.

Since the beginning of the new century an industrial revolution has started bringing the once marginal energies of the sun to center stage. It has a social dimension as 6,5 million new jobs were created. And it has a cultural dimension as energy supply becomes for the first time decentralized. The private sector and all consumers are becoming masters of the energy supply they need. It is “Power for the People” away from the dominance of the big conglomerates and monopolies.

Turkey as far as it is concerned is well integrated into the new trend towards a cleaner and better world, the “Solar Age”. Turkey has a prominent position in the world concert on hydro power, modern wind technology and geothermal power. It missed out so far on solar PV that has currently become the key player in the field. But the IRENEC 2014 participants were well aware of this less favorable position on PV and devoted many discussions on the reasons.

The IRENEC 2014 Conference will have a follow-up in 2015 to measure progress achieved in furthering the solar and other renewable energies in the country and worldwide.